Balance between intake and output

By ja thompson · 1971 · cited by 54 — balance between intake and output of lead in normal individuals. jennifer a. thompson. department of occupational health, university of manchester.
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Brit. J. industr. Med., 1971, 28, 189-194Balance between intake and outputof lead in normal individualsJENNIFER A. THOMPSONDepartment of Occupational Health, University of ManchesterThompson, J. A. (1970). Brit. J. industr. Med., 27, 189-194. Balance between intake and outputof lead in normal individuals. The amount of lead ingested by a group of five 'normal' in-dividuals for a number of consecutive days was determined; during the same period, theamount of lead which was excreted in faeces and urine was also determined and hence, bydifference, the amount of lead retained in the body was calculated. The results showed awide variation from day to day in the lead content of the food, with a range from 70 ,tg to750 ,g; the average amount was 274 ,ug. The lead ingested was almost totally eliminated infaeces and urine; the amount of lead excreted daily ranged from 140 ,ig to 625 ,ug with anaverage of 264 ,ug. Only about 10 ,ug on average per day, less than 4 % of the average dailyintake, wa...