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By l barrett · 2008 · cited by 34 — anubis) baboons are found in east. africa; guinea baboons (p.h.guinea) ... family tree, and suggests that many ... anubis, guinea and chacma baboon). 3 pages
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Current Biology Vol 18 No 10R404store and load MHC class IIproteins in the MVB-like MHC classII compartment (MIICs) and manyhaematopoietic cells create an MVB-like compartment, the exosome,which releases internal vesicles thatcan regulate immune responses byfusion with the plasma membrane.In neurons, signalling information iscarried from the nerve terminal tothe cell body in non-acidic MVB-likestructures, within which tetanus toxincan hitch a ride. In melanocytes,MVBs represent a critical stage in thebiogenesis of melanosomes.Any medical implications? Loads.One could think of the MVB pathwayas a tumour suppressor pathway.Sequestration of receptor tyrosinekinases away from the cytosolimmediately terminates signalling andlysosomal degradation modulatesreceptor levels. The ubiquitin E3 ligasec-Cbl, which tags receptor tyrosinekinases for sorting to the MVB, isan established proto-oncogene.Functional MVBs are required forfusion of the endo-lysosomal systemwith pre-autophagosomal structures...