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Affirm crème relaxer – normal. product code ... immediately flush with plenty of water 10-15 minutes, if discomfort or ... nature of product.
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Avlon Industries, Inc.Safety Data SheetPage 1 of 9SECTION 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATIONProduct Identity Affirm Crème Relaxer – NormalProduct Code 51126Supplier Information Avlon Industries, Inc.1999 N 15th AvenueMelrose Park, Illinois 60160Telephone Number Information: (708) 563-0363Emergency Telephone Number 1-800-535-5053 (INFOTRAC)SECTION 2. HAZARDS IDENTIFICATIONEmergency Overview This is a personal care product that is safe forconsumers and other users under its intended use.Potential Health EffectsRoutes of Exposure Ingestion. Skin contact. Inhalation.Eyes Avoid contact with eyes. This product causes eyeburns. Risk of serious damage to eyes.Skin Avoid contact with the skin. Causes skin burns.Inhalation Do not breathe gas/fumes/vapor/spray. Irritatingto respiratory system. Avoid prolonged contact toconcentrated vapors.Ingestion Do not ingest. Ingestion may produce burns tothe lips, oral cavity, upper airway, esophagus andpossibly the digestive tract. Accidental ingestionof...
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