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4.3.1 denim washing or wet processes. 20. 4.3.2 dry processes ... acid washed garments are pre treated with stones that have been dipped in an oxidant.
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Bachelor Thesis in Textile TechnologySwedish School of Textiles2012-06-07Rapportnr 2012.2.12ASSESSING DENIM QUALITYA Study of the Denim Value Chain and Critical Aspects of Denim QualityCaroline Nilsson [email protected] Lindstam [email protected] B S T RA CTThis study examines what is significant for high quality of jeans, and what processesand factors affects the intrinsic quality of the jeans. Based on this, compilations ofreclaim statistics was made and interviews and quality testing was conducted to see ifhigh quality requirements is key to both produce jeans of good quality and to reducethe number of complaints.Quality management is an important part of the day-to-day business of a company andshould permeate the entire organization and all processes. In order to create jeans withhigh quality, quality testing is an important part of a quality management. Qualitytests are made to ensure that the products meet the demands and expectations on itsprop...
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