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Subject: as the world burns: checking in ... type, i didn't feel right not reaching out to you just to say: take care of yourselves.
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162 CLA JOURNALAs the World Burns: “Checking In”(An Annotated Letter to My Students withLessons from Octavia E. Butler)Kendra R. ParkerIt should not have been difficult for me to write to my spring 2020 students;we had already endured so much together. In January, I arrived to classred-faced, puffy-eyed, and barely on time—I had an encounter with an officer.In February, we caught whispers of a Black man murdered while jogging inBrunswick—a stone’s throw from Georgia Southern University’s three campuses.In March, we all felt the COVID-19 disruption of the semester, our lives, and theworld. And, we were all still reeling from the October 2019 book burning and deathof a Black male student-athlete. For five days, I tried to type them something. Forfive days, I was silent. For someone whose students frequently quip, “Dr. Parkeryou always got something to say,” such silence was palpable. But they deserved tohear from me. Five days after George Floyd’s murder, I e-mailed my students who,three...