Arizona agricultural pesticide applicator training manual

The main objective of any pest control program is ... many of each kind of pest are in the area, and how much damage they are causing. monitoring is.
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ARIZONA AGRICULTURALPESTICIDE APPLICATORTRAINING MANUALfor Certification and Continuing EducationPaul B. Baker, Ph.D.Associate Specialist, EntomologyandPesticide CoordinatorCooperative ExtensionThe University of ArizonaTucson, Arizona 857212000ContentsChapter 1: Pests and Pest ControlI. Introduction and pest control techniquesII. Pest Management PrinciplesIII. Arthropod pestsIV. Disease agentsV. WeedsVI. Vertebrate pestsChapter 2: The Pesticide Label and MSDSI. IntroductionII. The label is the lawIII. Parts of the generic labelIV. Other statementsV. When should you read the labelVI. Inroduction MSDSVII. Parts of the MSDSChapter 3: Pesticide Types and FormulationsI. IntroductionII. Pesticide classificationIII. Pesticide typesIV. Pesticide formulationsV. Liquid formulationsVI. Dry formulationsVII. FumigantsVIII. AdjuvantsIX. Pesticide mixturesX. Chemical changesChapter 4: Pesticides and the EnvironmentI. IntroductionII. Sources of contaminationIII. Sensitive areasIV. Pesticide movements...