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When receiving the key, if possible, have the real estate agent accompany you to check the condition of the housing and it is a good idea to create a checklist.
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027EnglishE01Apartment Search Guidebook04E04E09E10E11E14E15E19E22E24EEnglish028 029ContentsE02 E03IntroductionThe Promotion Council for Ansin-chintaiHousing promotes the smooth and stabletenancy of foreigners and others in private rentalhousing through the expansion of the TrustedRenting Support Business.This guidebook contains the required basicknowledge and much useful information that youwill need to look for rental housing in Japan.Japanese rental agreements have many uniquefeatures that differ from those in your country.Please read this guidebook before beginning tolook for rental housing.This will help you be successful in fi ndingrental housing in Japan and with building a goodrelationship with your neighbors after movinginto your new rental housing.We support you in your effort to find rentalhousing that meets your desired conditions.Promotion Council for Ansin-chintai Housing123From Looking for Rental Housingto Moving In1234567Information Useful for RentingHousingRequirements ...
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