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My application a. i submitted my completed application on: date: time: b. i have a complete copy of my application yes no c. i am keeping all my information ... 3 pages
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©2017 Monroe Housing Collaborative. All Rights ReservedContact the Community Housing [email protected]housingcollaborative.orgApartment Search ChecklistComplex Name:Address: Office Hours:City: State: NY Zip:Property Manager: Email:Phone: Fax: Unit Size:The Application Process1. Visiting the Propertya. My appointment with Property Manager: Date: Time:b. What is the Application Fee? $c. Building TourWhat I liked or didn’t like:d. Unit TourWhat I liked or didn’t like:e. How much is the rent? $ What is the Security Deposit? $f. How does the property choose tenants?Does the property accept housing subsidies? Yes NoDoes the property accept third party payments such as those from representativepayees? Yes NoHow many wait lists do they have?What wait lists do I qualify for?How long are the wait lists? Years: Months:©2017 Monroe Housing Collaborative. All Rights Reservedg. What Utilities are Included?Utility Yes No Average Cost CommentsHeat:Electri...
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