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Instruments from every region of the country. anubrata's collaborations and the fusion bands ... india – the first of its kind for indian classical music.
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8ANNEX BBIOGRAPHIES OF 2020 ADJUDICATORSAnubrata ChatterjeeSon of the world-renowned Tabla maestro, Pt.Anindo Chatterjee, Anubrata Chatterjee wasnurtured from a very tender age to be a Tablaplayer. He had the rare fortune of being theyoungest and the last "Ganda-Bandh" disciple ofthe great guru, Padmabhushan - DeshkottamJnan Prakash Ghosh in 1992. Subsequently,Anubrata continued his training under the giftedtutelage of his father focusing on FarukhabadGharana along with Lucknow and AjradaGharana styles.Anubrata has proved himself, both as a soloistand as an accompanist, by his consummateTabla renditions. Taking the ‘parampara’forward, he has built upon his father’s style andexpanded his own repertoire to display anamalgamation of power, grace, skill and superbtonal clarity.Anubrata had performed at some of the mostprestigious international venues and festivalsheld across the world, including BBC WorldRadio (United Kingdom [UK]), where he madehis international debut in 1991, Carnegie Ha...