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Adventure guide presents. join us for a series of informative outdoor adventure ... as sagarmatha, aptly meaning goddess of the sky). 6 pages
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Adventure Guide presentsJoin us for a series of informative outdoor adventurepresentations. Sit back, relax and enjoy a new seasonof exciting stories about the exploration of new frontiers.Phil CottonExploring Wabakimi7pm, at Adventure Guide225 The Boardwalk, KitchenerRhonda-Marie AveryEnvisions; Tales of a Blind Runner7pm, at KidsAbility500 Hallmark Dr., WaterlooJanuary 12January 28Reserve your seats now!Take a journey with Rhonda-Marie Avery on hundreds of miles of trailsand challenges; both physical and metaphorical. With the help of 50guide runners, Rhonda-Marie ran end to end in 20 days along the885 km Bruce Trail in August of 2014 as an illustration of the challengesthat disability must overcome to take part. Rhonda-Marie is about toundertake in covering the entire Ontario section of the Transcanada Trail,some 5,813 km of running, biking, paddling, snowshoeing with 8% vision.It’s time to create a space for the dialogue of Disability and Sport.The Wabakimi Area in Northwestern Ont...