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By dl caldwell · 2008 · cited by 21 — interpersonal meanings expressed in the lyrics of political rap and gangsta rap. from sfl, i will apply ... gangsta rap developed in the late ‟80s.
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Novitas-ROYAL, 2008, Vol.: 2 (1), 13-27. ISSN: 1307-473313AFFILIATING WITH RAP MUSIC: POLITICAL RAP OR GANGSTA RAP?David L. CALDWELLAbstractFollowing the linguistic theory of Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), for this paper, I will describe theinterpersonal mean ings expressed in the lyrics of polit ical rap and gangsta rap. Fro m SFL, I will apply Appraisalto a small corpus of 10 rap songs, comparing 5 political rap songs with 5 gangsta rap songs. Appraisal is alinguistic analytical framework designed to identify evaluation in language. Ult imately, I aim to apply Appraisalso as to describe the ways in which both political rap and gangsta rap actually 'promote' their respective themes,and in turn, hypothesise why it is that a white, suburban, middle-class youth audience seeks to affiliate withgangsta rap rather than political rap.Keywords: Political rap, Gangsta rap, Systemic Functional Linguistics, Appraisal, AffiliationÖzetBu çalış mada dizgesel işlevsel dilb ilimi (SFL) tanım...