Advanced-level activity

Lead a larger discussion about exoticism and cultural imperialism today, and chart students' ... what are some examples of cultural imperialism?
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advanced-Level activityLearning ObjectivesStudents will be able to• research the effects of European expansionism and colonialism on different groupsof people during the Age of Exploration;• discuss the notion of “exoticism” as it relates to a nineteenth-century painting,the burgeoning of stereotypes, and modern-day stereotyping in the media;• create a portrait of a female public figure from a different culture.Materials• Reproduction of Portrait of the Marquise de Miramon, née Thérèse Feuillantby Jacques Joseph Tissot• Background Information and Questions for Teaching about the painting• drawing paper• Oil pastelsLesson Steps1. display a reproduction of Portrait of the Marquise de Miramon and lead a discussion of the artworkusing grade-appropriate questions and information provided in step 1 of the Beginning-Level Activityand step 3 of the Intermediate-Level Activity. Ask students to speculate about how the Marquise deMiramon and her family were able to acquire objects from Japan.2. R...