Active listening

Active listening skills. • the listening process. - receiving the message. - barriers to reception. - overcoming the barriers. • understanding the message. 2 pages
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ACTIVE LISTENING- A half day development workshopDesigned for: Anyone who wants to develop theircommunication skillsAim: To give participants the opportunity to identify and develop theirActive Listening skillsCONTENT:• Why is active listening important?- Responding positively to the speaker- ‘Whole’ message reception• Becoming an Active listener- What type of listener are you?- Active listening skills• The listening process- Receiving the message- Barriers to reception- Overcoming the barriers• Understanding the message- Checking and verifying- Mishearing and misinterpretation- Paraphrasing- Asking questions- Understanding what you see• Absorbing the message- Listening and learning- How memory works with listening- Checking and clearing information- Note-making• Action planningOUTCOMES:At the end of the workshop, you will:1. Know more about the importance of active listening2. Understand your own listening style3. Know more about the listening process4. Be introduced to a range of ski...