Active listening scavenger hunt (part 2) practice activities

Active listening scavenger hunt (part 2) practice activities. as zachary read the local online ... finally, compare pictures as you discuss the “speaker/. 2 pages
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Active Listening Scavenger Hunt (Part 2) Practice ActivitiesAs Zachary read the local online newspaper after school, he noticed an advertisement for a summer job workingas a cartoon character at a famous amusement park near his hometown. The advertisement read, “Applicantsmust possess strong non-verbal skills and the ability to display positive body language.” The job descriptionwas intriguing to Zachary; however, before he applied for the position, Zachary realized he was going to have topractice in order to develop all of his non-verbal skills.Now it’s your turn to respond VERBALLY and NON-VERBALLY. Try one, or more, of the following strategies toimprove your ability as a speaker and listener:Responding Verbally1. Ask a friend or family member to play the game, “And Then...” To start, one person will make a statementthat ends with “and then.” Next, the other person will pick up where the statement left off and add an endingto the statement. For example, (First person) “The family wen...