Delivering value in fiscal 2020. fiscal 2020 will be remembered as the year of covid-19. ... which is core to our values as a company and. 106 pages
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Annual Report2020The power ofDelivering Valuein Fiscal 2020Fiscal 2020 will be remembered as the year of COVID-19. ForAccenture, it was a tale of two halves from a financial perspective, buta single story of our market leadership throughout the year. We closedthe first half of our year with outstanding momentum—very strongdemand for our services, leading the industry in digital, cloud andsecurity, and we entered the second half with a new growth modelput in place on March 1, 2020.Days later, the global pandemic was declared, triggering a global healthand financial crisis. Our ability to rapidly pivot in the second half offiscal 2020 demonstrates the unique value we bring to our clients, ourstrong client and ecosystem partner relationships, the resilience ofour diversified business across industries, geographies and services, ourstrength in digital, cloud and security, and the importance of scale.We are proud that during fiscal 2020, Accenture’s team of approximately506,000 people conti...