A study of the effectiveness of brainpop

So what do we know about brain processing that is relevant to multimedia learning? we know that: 1. effective multimedia recognizes that working memory has a ... 60 pages
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This study was conducted by SEG Research, an independent educational research firm located in New Hope,Pennsylvania. SEG Research provides research, evaluation, and assessment services to educational publishers,educational technology providers, assessment service providers and government agencies. SEG has been meetingthe research and assessment needs of organizations since 1979. This research was supported by a grant fromBrainPOP.2009A Study ofthe Effectivenessof BrainPOPImproving Student Science and English Language Skills:1 Improving Student Science and English Language Skills:A Study of the Effectiveness of BrainPOPExecutive SummaryBackground and PurposeDuring the 2008-2009 school year, SEG Research conducted a multi-site study of students in grades3, 5 and 8 to evaluate the effectiveness of BrainPOP, a web-based animated instructional tooldesigned to support educators and engage students. BrainPOP is intended for use in both groupand one-on-one settings and can be used in numerous ...