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Marijuana, mushrooms and other “natural” highs still alter brain chemistry and produce dangerous ... finally, detox is the first step towards recovery, but.
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partnering for performancepartnering for performanceHOW DO I ACCESS EAP?To make a confidential appointment via Telephone, Face to Face,Video or WEB e-counsellingNZ 0800 327 669 www.eapservices.co.nzAU 1800 726 474 Intl +64 9 353 09062016 e-FLYER No:19COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWNTips for Understanding Nonverbal CommunicationRecognise that people communicate on many levels.Watch their facial expressions, eye contact, posture, handand feet movements, body movement and placement,and appearance and passage as they walk toward you.Every gesture is communicating something if you listenwith your eyes. Become accustomed to watchingnonverbal communication and your ability to readnonverbal communication will grow with practice.Body Language: The way a person sits, stands,moves their hands, arms and feet etc.Facial expression: Human faces are incrediblyexpressive including the eyes, eyebrows, mouth,and any other movement. Emotions such as anger,happiness, hurt, and boredom are all easilyexpressed with ...
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